i recently bought the complete third season of 90210.i know what youre thinking, and yes, i watched a couple episodes last night. back when the series originally aired, i do remember watching it, but i was much too young to understand or appreciate it. i really enjoy the heart warming characters, like the ever bitchy Brenda, her best frenemy Kelly, the man whore Dylan, the super horney, rich, but not good lookin blonde curly hair guy that i cant even remember the name of, daddys girl thats homely and only got on the show cuz daddy said so, and the list goes on with all of the other characters that are too boring to mention, or remember.

while watching an episode last night, i did make note of the terrific 90’s fashion sense, or maybe lack thereof, just for online mentioning purposes. her is a list, in no particular order, of things observed:
terribly big hair
over abundance of scrunchies
Dylans sideburns
gaudy jewelry exclusively made of plastic
high waisted pants always worn with a belt
dresses always worn with a belt
shirts always tucked in
tshirts with the sleeves rolled up
parachute pants
stretchy stirrup pants
day-glo a go-go
erratic patterns on any and everything
white jeans
guys wearing short shorts and half shirts
the ever popular Keds
floral patterned dresses that remind me of my grandmothers sofa
and those hats with the front flipped up, that have a jumbo sized tacky flower attatched

i would include acid wash, jean jackets, and skinny jeans, except theyve already made a horrible comeback.

i just hope they dont feel the need to bring back the be-dazzler.


~ by absoluteirrelevance on 02/07/2011.

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